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Reichert Creative is an email marketing and social media marketing company, led by Katie, a talented graphic designer with a greeting card company. We launched this website for her second business last summer. She did her branding herself and it was perfect, I provided a website copy template for her and we got straight into designing.

Retro, vibrant, energetic, warm, classic with a modern twist.

Small businesses looking to leverage and grow their email list or social media. 

Key takeaways:

  1. Especially when building services meant for the long term, tell the story of your ‘why.’ Katie has entrepreneurial roots and the branding is a nod to the family business she grew up around. Nostalgic, sentimental and meaningful.
  2. Brand elements (like the squiggly lines and chunky rainbows) add so much personality to the page! Highly recommend.


5 page website (home, about, services, contact, links)

From Katie on the process together:

Before the project…
“I was very much not looking forward to the amount of time, energy and frustration this website was going to cause me if I built it myself. Knowing that a self build would leave me frustrated and probably still unsatisfied with my final result I was very happy to work with Erin and have my website conceptualized, copy written, and website built in under a month.”

During the project…
“I appreciated how organized the process was from start to finish. There is a lot of information to cover, content to create and assets to share- everything had its own organized folder, file or questionnaire which broke the process down into much more achievable steps.  Erin guided me along each step of the way and now I have an incredible website that not only showcases my brand and services, but functions exactly how I want it to and will attract new clients. “

The outcomes…
“THANK YOU!!! For giving me the reason to kickstart my business and get everything going, for making it so much easier to get started without a web build looming over my head, for making the process fun & organized, and for creating such a fun wonderful professional site!”

“I am able to be open sooner because of the swift work you did. Also, with my site being such a great representation of my brand, I will be able to attract my ideal client much easier.”

Enjoy the most lively and colorful website I’ve designed to date!

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