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I’m a hybrid of left brain and right brain, obsessed with storytelling by means of connection and producing captivating design work that you can't get enough of.

A jack of all trades, eccentric essentialist, monthly dinner party host, former marketing manager of a start-up (AKA she knows how to hustle), and previous tyrannical executive assistant (which is a good thing- I'm told). 


Meet designer, brand strategist and writer;

Hi, I'm Erin


Gone are the days of auto generated logos; you deserve a custom, crafted brand kit that resonates with your mission, values and audience. Plus you'll have a complete brand guidelines PDF to keep you on brand for the long term.

Web Design

It's true; you can have a custom, thoughtful attractive website that converts in a week or less! I take on a limited number of projects at one time so that you don't have to wait any longer to have the website of your dreams.


Maybe you've heard about my newsletter, or you're on the edge of your seat while scoping out my website. The good news is, I've written close to a dozen websites at this point, I know what needs to go where and how to make it sound just like you.

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"The level of service Erin at Ruby Works Co. provides is unmatched."

Her process is smooth, fast & effective. She listened to my needs & provided guidance and expertise when need to ensure my final website exceeded expectations. I am so happy to have a beautiful, engaging website that functions perfectly, and I can't believe how quickly she created it all. 

I am able to be open sooner because of the swift work you did. Also, with my site being such a great representation of my brand, I will be able to attract my ideal client much easier.

Katie R. |
Email Marketing & Graphic Designer

I generated $1,500 of sales from the first 6 visitors on my website- less than 48 hours after it went live.

I have built and designed every website my businesses have used prior to this project (four to be exact). My key takeaway from this experience was that web design is something that's worth hiring someone to do, even if you are capable of doing it yourself. In fact, I have decided I will never do it again!

I wanted a website that was industry-specific and really spoke to my target customers. Ironically, it was the rubyworks.co website itself that sold me almost instantly.

The essence of my personality shines through every single aspect of my website.

Victoria P. | Performance Coach

"Working with Erin from Ruby Works was absolutely one of the best things I’ve done for my business."

Before working with her, my branding was a DIY mishmash of things I liked. I had so many ideas swirling in my head and she asked the perfect questions to draw out what was important to me and to my brand. She helped clarify so much.

If you are thinking about branding or rebranding, I would highly recommend Erin. She’ll knock it out of the park, and she’ll cheer you on in the process!

Rachel P. | Photographer

Erin has done several websites for me! She’s done both ground up sites as well as updates to pre-existing ones.

I’ve worked with several different web designers and Erin is my favorite! I can fully trust that she will bring my vision to life. If you need anything, she’s your girl!

"I’ve worked with several different web designers and Erin is my favorite!"

Jaycie R. | Salon Owner & Stylist

"I had complete confidence with working together. I knew that I could be honest, which resulted in a website that I love."

Erin created and completed everything that I was hoping for in a website. I also know that if I need additional information or changes to happen to my site, she is able to help with that which is very beneficial to be able to go to the same person. I had complete confidence with working together. I knew that I could be honest (with my feedback) which resulted in a website that I love. 

Wysdom F. | Landscape Designer

"Ruby Works is really the full package." 

Erin was able to produce some thing that felt so authentically me, incredibly polished and professional. I was really thankful and very impressed. She’s funny and insightful; she made a process that I was dreading for months feel really simple, seamless, and fun. In turn, creating something that was better than anything I could’ve come up with by myself. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is hoping to take that next step in representing themself in the way they’ve always dreamed to. 

Natasha M. | Artist

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Whether it's a new look or a new venture, you’re in the right place. This designer comes with operations and executive assistant skills to understand what needs to happen behind the scenes to support this exciting new chapter in your business.

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I love to work with those who are tired of spending valuable time and feeling 'meh' about the results. If you're already a master of your craft(s), and are ready to take their visuals seriously; you'll walk away from our project feeling confident and supported.

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

If you have trouble fitting neatly into one box, join the club. The very things that set you apart are also what makes quick solutions seem realistic, until you try to apply them to your business. Trust that I’ve been there, and because of that, I know how organize and display your skills effectively.

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