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Victoria initially set out to use my Creative Links Template as a starting place for her coaching business. A talented and seasoned entrepreneur, she had been building her network, business plan and curriculum behind the scenes when she booked an amazing speaking engagement.

Spoiler alert: We launched her website the day before her event and she booked 3 clients.

“I wanted a website that was industry-specific and really spoke to my target customers. Ironically, it was the rubyworks.co website itself that sold me almost instantly. I have a relatively deep knowledge of what excellent web design, branding, and marketing copy look like. When I visited the RW site I couldn’t help but notice just how much I was enjoying it as a consumer- I knew that if RW could captivate me so expertly as a target customer, they would be able to do the same for me and my clients.”

– Victoria Mindfulness & Peak Performance Coaching

Timeline: In less than 3 weeks, she needed a presentable website, presentation, and plan, in order to fully leverage the opportunity.

We jumped in, she wrote her website copy using a template I created for her. And I got to work on the web design, ensuring that the layout was intuitive and the content spoke to both her audiences.


informative, holistic, credible, accomplished, welcoming, helpful, thoughtful


  1. Adolescents (and their parents) seeking support with their approaches to academics, looking for empowerment and strategy to grow to their full potential.
  2. Interview prep for teens entering competitive applications process for LA’s most prestigious private high schools, or also university applications.

Scope: 6 page custom web design (home, about, services, 3 individual sales pages) & custom copy template

Key takeaways:

  1. Use approachable language that is easily digestible, while also using social proof, testimonials and clear explanations in order to resonate with audiences in different age groups.
  2. I used a similar layout for the service pages to limit distractions, allowing the reader to quickly and easily understand the intricacies of the services available. 
  3. Her business BLENDS logic and spirituality for a holistic approach, so we spoke to both, in detail. Lots of context to create trust and buy in.

More feedback before I close out this case study:

I have built and designed every website my businesses have used prior to this project (four to be exact). My key takeaway from this experience was that web design is something that’s worth hiring someone to do, even if you are capable of doing it yourself. In fact, I have decided I will never do it again!

I was extremely anxious about letting go of the reins. I had no doubts I would end up with a site I liked, but I was worried that I would either not be able to provide input to the extent that I wanted, or that I would end up feeling like I had to drive the whole operation.

That fear instantly dissolved when I received the first onboarding emails from Erin. Her level of organization made it exceptionally clear that she had every base covered- even the one’s I didn’t see. The level of transparency and ease of communication reassured me that I would be able to collaborate on the level that I wanted to, which ended up being much less than I anticipated.

During the site build I was working on a project with a tight deadline and I had very little time to give feedback or receive updates. She made sure to reach out to me at precisely the right times, allowing me to stay engaged in the build and continue to give input at critical decision points, but not being responsible for needing to stay on top of… anything. I started off as a bit of a control freak with relatively rigid design suggestions. She dug into them and clearly articulated to me what I was trying to accomplish through my suggestions, which demonstrated her profound insight into the psychology of design.

Immediately I knew she “got it”, and told her to scrap my plan and take full creative liberty to design the site as she saw fit. She perfectly captured my brand essence in a site that is much more exciting, unique, and effective than what I would have built for myself. The best part- I didn’t have to build it!!!

Oh, and I generated $1500 of sales from the first 6 visitors on my website- less than 48 hours after it went live. Talk about a return on investment!

Victoria, Mindfulness & Peak Performance Coaching

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