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If you've ever wanted my long and short winded thoughts around web design, email marketing, branding, and anything in that realm. You're in the right place.  I believe that transparency is a complement, and I like you, so I'm giving nothing but my authentic truth.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Like the blog?
I bet you'd love my work.

Like the blog? I bet you'd love my work.

Showit web designer obsessed with simple design principles but making them fun and engaging.

An essentialist (meaning I wear converse) who lives for a stylish flair or accent piece (meaning my style icon is Ms. Frizzle).

Branding expert who takes guesswork out of staying on brand via a comprehensive guide you can take everywhere with you.

Email marketing enthusiast who's not shy about her newsletter, Weird Magic or it's 70% open rate (over 6 months).

A student of the game who's passionate about telling your brand's story,  via web design, copy writing or branding. 

I may be your average blogger, but I'm not your average designer.

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