Maven + Grace Salon

With 20 years of experience both behind the chair and in beauty distribution sales, Sara new taking over and rebranding a salon was going to be a process.

About one year after buying, remodeling, renaming and transforming a local hair and nail salon, she reached out about branding and website. I was thrilled to bring Sara’s business into it’s new era, it’s just what charming, downtown McMinnville Oregon needed.

After hitting it off immediately, we discussed the format for the website, it’s structure, and how to leverage the success that the salon was already having. In Summer 2023 we launched, a website that encompasses the quality, elegance and ease of the salon.

Vibe: Stylish, classic, consistent, light, airy, natural vibes with high end touches that are far from stuffy.


  1. My favorite descriptor to learn about the salon is that a lot of the existing clientele come to their appointments from work, in their slacks, often replying to emails on their phones or computers while their hair processes.
  2. The independent stylists have a range of specialties, so we made a point to highlight that Maven + Grace is a place for a wide range of signature look. My goal for salon websites is to always to increase the customer inquiries and ensure that you’re attracting quality talent.

Key takeaways:

1. Branding: Simple and elegant should have at least one piece of flair; this was for sure the typography.
2. Web design: Pair salon photos with storytelling, like I did here on the homepage. It allows the reader to picture themselves in the salon while they’re identifying with the ‘why’ of the business.
3. Copy: Build a clear brand voice, there’s so many great headlines and taglines on this website; because the tone and audience were SO CLEAR (thank you, Sara!) it was easy to speak to them directly.


Overall, the project provides Maven + Grace salon with a salon that CLEARLY expresses the value, comfort, elegance and experience that awaits clients… along with fantastic results.

The salon has transformed from “What’s Mr. Eddy’s new name again?” to “Have you been to Maven + Grace yet?”

Client Feedback

P.S. I completely understand how big of an investment and undertaking can be for business owners (especially when you’re running a business AND working behind the chair). This is one of the many reasons why I have my process fine tuned and clients have their onboarding materials well in advance. No surprises here.

Additionally, I offer support for 30 days after the project wraps. In Maven + Grace’s case, I will also visit when I’m in Oregon, and I can’t wait to get my nails done next time!

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