Hot Take: You Don’t Need A Custom Website

This is not satire. Keep reading to learn about other ways to increase your web presence and make your business look legit on… a budget.

There are plenty of other ways to step up your web presence without immediately dropping 3-12k. It actually makes me sad when businesses invest outside their means for a website that they’re not ready for yet. This might be an unpopular opinion, but a starter site (4ish pages) is usually a great start for service-based businesses just starting out!

Alternatives to Custom Builds:

  1. Template Customization
    Instead of a completely custom website, what if you invested less and got a similar result? Consider investing in a quality template and hiring a designer to customize the template. This is a great way to go from no website, or a starter website to something with some gusto.
  2. Rebrand w/ Website Facelift
    If you’re feeling stuck and like you’re not attracting the right clients, maybe it’s time to upgrade your branding and apply that upgrade to your website. There are a ton of benefits to upgraded visuals and better alignment. If you experience, education and price have increased, maybe you don’t need an entire new website, but instead, a new rebrand to reflect where you’re at. This is a great option if your services haven’t changed.
  3. Sales Pages (& other Add-on Pages)
    If you’re business is running smoothly, maybe it’s just time to add individual pages to your website that add emphasis on the transformation that your services offer. Start with your signature service and build out there. Include sections for testimonials, before and afters, outline the process, and FAQ’s. Also, it’s 2023, pricing transparency is in; even if it is just a starting price.
  4. Lead Capture Additions
    Is your website (and business) missing funnels? Another way to elevate your website is to add lead captures, like a free guide to download or email templates. Whatever your audience can benefit from, and you’ll start to build a list of emails of people interested in what you have to offer.

I love Flodesk for this type of work and use their full page forms, in addition to their automated email workflows so that my lead captures work in my sleep! Of course, I send my weekly newsletter, Weird Magic through Flodesk as well. Here’s 50% off your first year of Flodesk with my affiliate link.

Hint: all of these methods listed fall under my “custom project” category and we can totally make these happen for you, too.

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